What Is The Difference Between Splines and Gears?

Splines and Gears are very similar in their look and application. Both Splines and Gears are used to transmit torque from one shaft to other meshing components. Both have a teeth structure on their periphery. Yet these two parts cannot be used

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A Brief history of Lathes

A Lathe is a tool that rotates a workpiece to allow operations such as cutting, drilling, sanding, facing and turning to take place. We most commonly use a Computer Operated Lathe in our turning operations here at Bronte Precision but despite all

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3 New Machinist Vacancies

It is a very exciting time here at Bronte Precision, this year alone we have moved around our shop floor and invested heavily in a new larger machine, new inspection equipment and the creation of 2 new roles and an apprenticeship. Adding to this we

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How Do Trains Stay On the Tracks?

Britain’s Railways are more popular than ever with over 1.7bn journeys taking place every year and rising. Yet, for all our familiarity with Trains, have you ever considered how they actually stay on the track?

train tracks

Guided Tracks

Many people

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Could Passenger Upheaval Halt Investment?

The UK’s Rail network is straining under the weight of increased demand with over 1.7 billion passenger journeys in 2017. With a number of high profile investment projects underway such as HS2, a whole host of international rolling stock

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Bronte transition to new ISO

Bronte Precision are proud to announce that we have successfully transitioned  to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.


"Maintaining high standards is key for any precision engineer and so meeting these new standards is absolutely critical to our

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4 Main Types of Industrial Gearbox

An industrial gearbox is an enclosed system that transmits mechanical energy to an output device, for an example a motor. A gearbox can be used to modify the ratio of speed, torque and rate of rotation sent to the output device. Gearboxes have a

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Bronte Invest in New Faro Arm

As Bronte continue to celebrate our 15th year in business we are excited to announce further investment in our business with the acquisition of a new Faro Arm.

The Faro Arm is a portable Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine or CMM that will allow us to

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HS2 Heats Up With Joint Venture and New Bidder

Exciting news on the HS2 front as two of the world’s biggest rolling stock manufacturers have joint forces. Bombardier and Hitachi are putting forward a joint venture in the hopes of securing the lucrative contract to build Britain’s next generation

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How Does A Hydraulic Ram Pump Work?

When it comes to simple but effective engineering at its best, you need look no further than Hydraulic Ram Pumps. Using just two moving parts and no external source of power, they use momentum to pump water uphill.

A Ram Pump relies on a source

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Nuclear Industry Trends

Bronte Precision are looking to expand our reach in the Nuclear sector and so sent Oliver Gwynne down to Decom’s Supply Chain event to learn more about the trends and drives within the industry.

New Faces Wanted

Nuclear as a sector is niche in

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Bronte Precision at Nuclear Networking Event

Bronte Precision will be exhibiting at the Supply Chain Networking Event this Thursday, the event aims to put current and potential suppliers in touch with major Nuclear players such as Sellafield and Orano.

“The Nuclear industry is something we

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What Causes Gearbox Failures?

Industrial Gearboxes are an integral part of any Transmission system and their failure can be critical to the machines they run. Common signs that there may be something wrong with your Gearbox include vibration, a louder noise than normal, fluid

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Our 15 Year Anniversary

Bronte Precision are excited to announce a host of expansions as we celebrate our 15 year anniversary.

New Machine

We have recently acquired a brand new multi-axis CNC axis milling machine for our shop floor. Our New CME FS3 allows Bronte to

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Our New Machine

It is an exciting time here at Bronte Precision as we enter into our 15th year of trading and unveil a number recent investments including new staff and new machines all to fulfil our mission: To be the supplier of choice across industries for the

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Bronte Are Back!

It’s business as usual here at Bronte Precision as we get back into the swing of things following our seasonal Spring Bank closure.

The factory is open, the machines are running and our team are hard at work creating large sized and complicated

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Seasonal Closure

Seasonal Closures

2018 has been non-stop here at Bronte Precision but it’s time for a break! Our factory will be shut down between the 28th of May and the 3rd of June. In this time we will not be picking up calls but both Oliver Gwynne and Steve

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Bronte representing STEM in Schools

Last Friday and as part of our ongoing association with the Ahead Partnership, Bronte’s own Oliver Gwynne helped students at Beckfoot School by conducting Mock Interviews with a host of local businesses.

The session, carried out with Year 12

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Rolling Stock: Air Brake Designs

It goes without saying that any braking system within a train is absolutely critical to the safe running of the vehicle. The most widely used form of braking system utilises compressed air and has evolved over the decades.

Straight Air System

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Train Brakes: How They Work

Safety is paramount for any Rolling Stock Vehicle that might be transporting hundreds of people, precious cargo and of course high levels of combustible fuel. As such braking is a critical system within any Train, so how do they work?

Nearly all

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