Pros and Cons of Casting Processes

Bronte Precision work alongside a wide variety of casting and forging businesses to provide finish machining on large and intricate cast parts where tight tolerances are required. Each of the different casting processes has its own strength and

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How Machinists Support Different Businesses

Contract Machinists such as Bronte Precision work with a wide variety of different businesses in a variety of different fields. Most of our relationships are long term and reciprocal in nature. These are some of the types of businesses we work.. Read more


Going Forward in Reverse

Reverse Engineering is the art of taking an old component and making a new one, there are a wide number of reasons why customers might need to reverse engineer a component.

The Original Manufacturer may simply no longer exist. An Original

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How different Plastics Cut

Nylon: One of the most popular engineering plastics, Nylon possesses a good tensile strength at a relatively low cost. It won’t be damaged by oils, solvents or alcohols but can’t resist acidic chemicals. Quite often used as fasteners as well as

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Machining Engineering Plastics

Plastics have become significantly more popular as a choice of engineering material, so how does the machining of plastics differ from that of metal?


Plastics can be inconsistent in the same manner as cast and forged materials, this

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Slurry Pump Components

A Slurry Pump is a type of centrifugal pump that increases the pressure of solid/liquid mixtures through a rotating impeller. They are commonly used in the mining industry for the transportation of materials including Gold, Silver Iron Ore, Tin

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New Haas CNC Miller Vacancy

Bronte Precision are having a great year so far and are looking at growing our team once again with the addition of another CNC Miller with Haas experience. We are not working with agencies on this role but are offering £100 referral for any

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Stainless Steel Grades used in Food Equipment

With our extensive experience of working with Stainless Steel, Bronte Precision support a number of different Food Preparation Equipment Manufacturers. The most popular grade of Stainless Steel and offered referred to as the ‘food grade’ is 316, but

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3 Main Kinds of Gear Pumps

Gear Pumps are one of the most popular and widely used positive displacement pumps. They are used across a wide range of industries and application and although designs differ there are three key categories.

Internal Gear Pumps

There are

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Rolling Stock Innovation in West Yorkshire?

It’s been a very exciting few weeks for Train News. Not only have we finally had a route confirmed for HS2, CAF announcing a new UK manufacturing plant, we’ve also had some great news for innovation in the region. 

Bronte recently attended a Rail

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Machining of Titanium

Machining of Titanium

There has been a trend in the last five years for more components to be made from ‘hard’ and ‘exotic’ materials so as to extend part life. Titanium is one such metal that is growing in popularity across a range of industries

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Gear Pump Design: Pros and Cons

Gear Pumps

Popular across a wide range of industries and applications, Gear Pumps are a kind of positive displacement pump which utilise the mechanical movement of gears in order to circulate material. The design of Gear Pumps differs, but most

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Kinds of Hydraulic Pumps

Pumps can cover a whole range of applications and industries and can be divided up into Vacuum, Water, Trash, Hydraulic and Sump pumps as categories. Here’s more information on the different kinds of pumps used in Hydraulic application.



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UK Base for Foreign Train Manufacturers

High profile projects and high levels of investment have seen a number of foreign train companies circling the UK. There has been a high level of public and private scrutiny on foreign involvement with British Rail, so what can companies such as

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Machining of Die Castings

Depending on the application, the Die Cast components will most often be formed using either Zinc, Magnesium or Aluminium. Each has its own characteristics when machining and may require associated processes such as drilling, tapping and.. Read more


Finishing of Castings

Quite often cast components will require a level of proof machining in order to produce a finished item. There are different processes in order to create a casting, and each of these will influence the way a part needs to be machined or.. Read more


Are You Dreading The Summer Holidays?

The summer holidays are supposed to be a time to relax and refresh, but for many businesses it can be one of the most stressful times of year.

Many manufacturers will struggle to ensure that delivery times can be met whilst key staff are away. At

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Safety Critical Components

The work of engineering is often unseen and unnoticed and yet it is a vital part of our everyday life. From turning on the lights, to getting us home, the work of engineering is all around us. Although it may be unseen, Bronte Precision understand

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New Vacancy at Bronte Precision

Bronte Precision have been busier than ever this year and as such we have decided to grow our team with 2 immediate vacancies. We have recently been looking for an experienced CNC Miller and are currently in the interview stage s but still accepting

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Machined Parts for the Rail Sector

Bronte Precision are looking to expand our offering to the Rail sector. Here's 4 reasons why we could be your supplier of choice. 

Large Complex Parts

Bronte Precision have sought distinguish ourselves from other machinists by focusing on

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