Bronte Precision invest in new CNC machining centre with inspection probes

Watch how we've enhanced our inspection process with machine probes on our new CNC machining center.

This enables us to improve machining times and pass those savings onto our customers for competitive quotations.
This Hass machining
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Bronte Precision invest in a Faro Arm Edge for advanced quality inspection

The ’Edge’ by FaroArm® is an industry leading mobile smart measurement tool and has been branded ‘The World’s Most Innovative Measurement Arm’.

What is a smart measurement arm?

A smart measurement arm offers dimensional analysis and is used in

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Bronte Precision talks Internal Gears in latest capabilities blog

An Internal spur gear is a gear with its teeth cut in the internal surface of a cylinder and meshes with spur gears.
Bronte Precision can also engineer Internal Helical Gears.


Internal Spur Gear Internal Helical
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Bespoke Double Helical Herringbone Gears by Bronte Precision

Bronte Precision Engineering are able to produce Internal, External and Double Helical Gears. One of the specialist double helical gears that we manufacture are herringbone gears. Precision herringbone gears are more difficult to manufacture than

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Bronte Precision Engineering offer a Complete Engineering Service

Offering a complete engineering service saves our customers time and money whilst ensuring high quality finished components.

Bronte Precision are sub-contract manufacturers with a niche in the machining of large sized and complex components.

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Bronte Precision Engineers Plastic Components for the Food Industry

In this blog we’re going to take a look at a specialist food industry part that we recently machined. What plastic has been used to machine the components and investigate why you may choose to mill certain plastic parts instead of using a plastic

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We're Hiring! a CNC Turner / Programmer / Setter / Operator


Here at Bronte Precision Engineering, we are looking for an experienced Programmer/Setter/Operator to join our team and run both Haas and Fanuc lathes. Could it be you?


About us.... Bronte Precision Engineering Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015

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Bronte's Best large, complex and interesting precision engineered components

Bronte’s Best - large, complex and interesting precision engineered components



A new social media segment!


If it’s your first time on the Bronte news page i’ll quickly tell you a bit about us. Bronte Precision

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Welcome Frances to the Bronte Precision Engineering Team

Frances joins us as Bronte’s new Marketing Manager.

Bronte Precision Engineering is continuously investing in machines, staff and working procedures. The newest member to join the team is Frances who will be managing the marketing for the

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CNC vs Manual Machining

At Bronte Precision, CNC machining is at the heart of what we do as a company. In manufacturing terms however, these computer-controlled machines are a relatively recent development having only begun to replace their manual counterparts in the last

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Lathe Operations at Bronte - External

Bronte Precision has been providing a host of precision engineering services to its customers for over 15 years. A large proportion of the work done at the company is achieved by using CNC (computer numerical control) lathes. Currently, Bronte has

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Bronte invest in new CAD CAM software

In the last month, Bronte Precision has continued with its commitment to invest in its capabilities by upgrading to OneCNC CAD CAM (computer-aided design & computer-aided manufacturing) software.

The addition of OneCNC to Bronte’s portfolio of

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What I Learnt About Manufacturing

2 and a half years ago, Oliver Gwynne started working for Bronte Precision and our sister are his reflections on leaving on my perception of the industry, the reality and the future.

Old Boys Club

I would say that going into

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Machining of Aluminium

Aluminium is a lightweight, recyclable material that is used in a wide variety of manufacturing applications. It is the third most abundant metal on the Earth’s crust and yet despite this, wide scale production of Aluminium did not start until 1888

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Machining Forgings and Castings

Casting and Forging are two production methods often found side by side in many foundries and yet quite different in their results. What are their strengths and weaknesses and why might they still need to be machined?

What are Castings?


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Our Most Overlooked Skill

When it comes to sub-contract manufacturing most companies will boast about their workforce and their machines. These are of course two critical elements with any successful machine shop, having the right tools to perform complex and intricate

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What We Work With

As a sub-contract manufacturer, Bronte Precision work with a very wide range of materials and grades to produce components to customer drawings. We can source and procure on behalf of our customers or work from free issued materials.


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How Do Centrifugal Pumps Work?

Centrifugal pumps are one of the most commonly used in everyday applications such as pumping water for building supply or in the pumping of sewage and slurries. Although there are a range of different designs and set ups, the basic principle of how

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Department of International Trade Visits Bronte Precision

Bronte Precision, a sub-contract engineering business in Bradford, West Yorkshire were delighted to receive Lydia Moi, International Trade Advisor for the Department of International Trade.

The Department of International is a relatively new

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Why Large Machining is Different

One of the most common stories we hear at Bronte is from customers who have sent out large machining to a jobbing machine shop who have struggled with the parts. What makes large machining so different and what factors come into

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