3 More Rail Components We Make

Bronte Precision work on a wide range of components, primarily used in Rolling Stock Vehicles themselves, but also work on a range of associated parts.

Lifting Jacks

Used in the maintenance of Rolling Stock Vehicles, Lifting jacks are an easy and flexible way the vehicle allowing for the changing of bogies, wheelsets and more. Each jack needs to be able to lift around 50 tonnes, with 4 jacks often holding a 200 tonne vehicle between them. There are a wide range of designs and be suited for the type of vehicle they are working on. Bronte Precision have worked on parts for a number of lifting jacks including:  Input Shafts, Seals, Bearing Caps, Thrust Bearings, Lifting Screw, Gears Load pads as well the machining of cast/fabricated components such as the housing itself.

Link Assemblies

Link assemblies sit within the bogie of the Rolling Stock vehicle and can have a number of different uses depending on their design. Bronte Precision are well placed for the full manufacture of mechanical Link Assemblies. In the past we have fully machined assemblies, sent them out for Zinc plating and assembled them in house. These time consuming and fiddly parts are often easier to outsource and we are able to accommodate orders in the size of hundreds off.

Switch Stand Castings

Despite the large upgrade and digital systems put into place on the UK railways, traditional switch stands still play an important part of journeys everyday. We have experience of machining both switch stands and other signalling parts which most often will be cast in Bronze.

As a sub-contract machinist Bronte Precision have been working on a wide number of parts for the Rail Industry. We work from your drawings and are in no way tied down to particular makes or models. Our focus in on large sized and complex components usually with multiple process steps, and tight tolerances involved.

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