Are You Dreading The Summer Holidays?

The summer holidays are supposed to be a time to relax and refresh, but for many businesses it can be one of the most stressful times of year.

Many manufacturers will struggle to ensure that delivery times can be met whilst key staff are away. At the same time, they risk turning away new work they don’t have the capacity for during this summer period. In order to keep customers happy, businesses must consider contingency plans to counteract unexpected delay and extended absence from staff.

Most manufacturers work with a degree of flexibility and this allows them to chop and change where people are working to squeeze in that extra job…or at least it does in theory. We all know that when you’re at capacity…you’re at capacity. Trying to add in that extra job almost always means it will take longer to produce and runs the risk on not delivering on time. This can also lead to some quality control issues. For many businesses it can often be better to reject the work then to go ahead and let down the customer, but this of course potentially means they will go elsewhere and not come back. These issues are especially prevalent when you have staff on annual.

One solution to this problem is to outsource your work to a trusted partner like Bronte Precision. We specialise on large sized and complex components that are often time consuming in nature. These are exactly the kinds of parts that can slow down your production, tie up machines and mean you are late for delivery. By outsourcing your machining to us you can ensure that delivery times are met in a cost effective manner and this also enables you to take on new orders without worrying about capacity.

Bronte Precision are fully ISO certified and work with a number of industries to produce niche components. We work to your drawing and can work in a wide variety of materials. Get in touch today to see how we can support your business during the upcoming summer period.