Bronte Invest in New Faro Arm

As Bronte continue to celebrate our 15th year in business we are excited to announce further investment in our business with the acquisition of a new Faro Arm.

The Faro Arm is a portable Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine or CMM that will allow us to carry out inspection on components whilst still in production.


“Our niche is in the manufacture of large sized and complex components. The size and weight of these components means that taking them on and off the machines to inspect them can be a time consuming process. Even when assisted with a crane you can spend 15-20 minute loading and unloaded any given part.” says David Bailey, Production Manager “The New Faro Arm will make it much easier to carry out inspection and ensure all components are being manufactured to our customer’s specifications.”


Alongside our new Faro arm, Bronte have also expanded our Quality Department with the addition of a new shop-floor inspector Paul Greenwood. Bronte serve a lot of industries with extremely high quality standards including Oil & Gas, Hydraulics and Nuclear. Paul will add another set of eyes in our quality department and will be providing first-off and in-production inspections.


“Expanding our quality department is important for our long term growth plans” explains Managing Director Steve Leach “Not only does this ensure accuracy of the components we make and improve, it also allows us to provide full quality reports to our customers.”


Bronte Precision are sub-contract manufacturers, machining components to customer drawings. We are ISO 9001 certified and deliver across the UK.


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