Bronte Precision at Nuclear Networking Event

Bronte Precision will be exhibiting at the Supply Chain Networking Event this Thursday, the event aims to put current and potential suppliers in touch with major Nuclear players such as Sellafield and Orano.

“The Nuclear industry is something we are proactively looking to expand in, and is certainly a good fit for us with our niche in large sized and complicated components. I’m looking forward not only to talking with the Nuclear businesses themselves but also other suppliers we can work alongside.” Says Oliver Gwynne, Business Development

The Nuclear Industry is going through some interesting changes recently, with a major new ‘deal’ announced by Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark on the 28th of June. The new £200m sector deal aims to secure a diverse energy mix for the UK going forward whilst driving down the costs of Nuclear Energy. There is government funding to boost new research and development schemes aimed at finding cheaper, better and more sustainable ways of doing things as well as a real commitment in increasing gender diversity.

“What we are seeing from Nuclear companies at the moment is a real push to diversify who they are working with. There is a genuine effort to try and include and encourage SMEs into the supply chain and it’s no surprise to me that the government is following suit with this new deal.” Says Oliver “Innovation often comes from a wide range of sources, and making the Nuclear industry more inclusive for businesses and workers alike can only mean fresh ideas and new progress.”

Bronte Precision have been using the exacting nuclear standards set out in the Fit 4 Nuclear scheme as a way of implementing change throughout our business. “When we entered into Fit 4 Nuclear, our ambition was not just to grow our orders in this field but to use it as a yard stick to look at the business as a whole and see where we can improve. We don’t see it as a hoop to jump through, rather we see what the F4N criteria sets out and ask ourselves how it could best work for us. We have already made major changes to the way the shop floor is set out and our procedures based on this and already starting to see improvements on productivity.” 

Come along and visit Bronte Precision at Supply Chain Networking Event this Thursday at Thornton Science Park and find out more on the machining services we can offer the Nuclear industry and the journey we are on.