Going Forward in Reverse

Reverse Engineering is the art of taking an old component and making a new one, there are a wide number of reasons why customers might need to reverse engineer a component.

The Original Manufacturer may simply no longer exist. An Original Manufacturer has stopped production of a particular model it may mean that spare parts for this model become harder to find and more expensive to buy. As such it can be more cost effective to make a new part rather than finding an existing one. One good example of this would be in the Rail industry. Rolling Stock Vehicles are expected to have a life of around 30 to 40 years and will receive numerous upgrades and refurbishments throughout the years. As such there is a big aftermarket for Rolling Stock Vehicle components and in many cases the original manufacturer may no longer be making those parts.

Sometimes sourcing a replacement part can be difficult, particularly where the Original Manufacturer may be based abroad. In some cases they may need to custom produce the part and ship it over which can take a number of weeks and add additional costs.

What Do We Need?

In order to effectively reverse engineer components we really need as much information as possible. If there are technical drawings, cadcam files or similar this will certainly help us produce a new part. If you have an old part to hand, even where it has suffered damage this can be extremely useful in helping us to make a new part and information on where and what your component will be used can help us understand what/how it needs to function.

Our Approach

Whether you have Engineering drawings or just some scribbled notes, Bronte Precision can help. The first step is to determine what material the component will need to be made out of, often its application will reveal this but where required we can also provide full non-destructive testing to ascertain what the material is. If you have an existing part we will measure this using our in-house CMM system which feeds directly into our cadcam system allowing us to quickly and effectively map the dimensions of the component. From here our team of skilled machinists can produce the parts. Bronte work closely with a number of local providers so can easily arrange associated services such as heat treatment or electro-plating.

Contact Bronte Precision today for your reverse engineering needs. We are ISO certified and based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.