How Does A Hydraulic Ram Pump Work?

When it comes to simple but effective engineering at its best, you need look no further than Hydraulic Ram Pumps. Using just two moving parts and no external source of power, they use momentum to pump water uphill.

A Ram Pump relies on a source of water situated above the pump. One example of this would be a pond on a hillside. A pipe is run from the pond to the pump and connected to this pipe is a valve that allows water to flow through the pipe and build up speed. As the water reaches its maximum speed the valve then slams shut, and the flowing water develops pressure in the pump due to its inertia. This pressure forces open a second valve to a delivery pipe until the pressure in the pump lowers. This opens the first valve up again and the cycle is repeated.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantage of this design is that the delivery pipe, or where the water is being pumped to can be some distance higher than the source of the water. The lack of moving parts means that Ram Pumps should be relatively long life, and with less moving parts means less maintenance.

The disadvantage are that this type of pump is limited to the scenario we have laid out, although you could imagine it would be very practical in a naval setting. It also wastes a lot of water. Typically only about 10% of the water it consumes will be pumped out at the end.

Common Ram Pumps Components

Hydraulic Ram Pumps can differ in design and complexity but at their core they will consist of two pipes, An inlet which lets in the water and an outlet, which lets it out. The two moving parts within the system are called a Waste Valve (sometimes referred to as a Clack Valve) and a Delivery Check Valve. In between these elements we have the Pressure Vessel itself and alongside this any manner of shafts, seals, flanges and housing.

What We Manufacture

Bronte Precision are a sub-contract machinist with a niche in large sized and complex machining. We have made many components for various configurations on Hydraulic Ram Pumps in the past and can work with a variety of materials and castings, or source them for you. We are ISO accredited and deliver across the UK.

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