How Machinists Support Different Businesses

Contract Machinists such as Bronte Precision work with a wide variety of different businesses in a variety of different fields. Most of our relationships are long term and reciprocal in nature. These are some of the types of businesses we work with.


Quite often Engineering Designers will be involved in primary testing of a new component. In order to effectively test a prototype they will most often need a short order batch of their part. Bronte Precision are able to support this kind of activity and due to the range of materials we work with we can potentially make the same part in several materials to test which is most effective. We work closely with a local non- destructive testing laboratory so we can quickly and cost effectively produce and test your part before full production. We don't really get involved in the design of components oursleves but where a customer needs this sort of support we will always recommedn one of our customers. 

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Many of our customers design and manufacture their own products. Quite often they will look to outsource an amount of their production to a company such as ourselves. It may be the case that they don’t have their own machining capacity in house and will work closely with us to ensure regular supply of parts. It might be the case that although they produce most of their parts in house they will look to Bronte for our specialty in machining large and/or complex parts which would tie up their own production line. Although a company may spread their supply base far and wide, we find that most will look 2/3 reliable UK companies to work with. We always look to built long term relationships with customers in this field and look to establish themselves.

Other Machinists

Bronte Precision will quite often work alongside other machinists like ourselves. Most often this will be when they are either over capacity or have an enquiry for parts too large. With or two large CNC milling machines we are able to accommodate parts up to 2m x 1m x 1m, and a speciality in working with ‘hard’ and ‘exotic’ materials, we are a valuable partner to many Machinists. We of course, will always look to reciprocate and send through enquiries we cannot deal with. Most often our approach is simply to pass on the work rather than act as a middleman. We have a good working relationship with a few local machinists in this respect. 

Other Providers

Alongside machinists, we also work closely with Casting and Fabrication providers. CNC machining can quite often represent a serious investment so it’s not surprising that these types of business may look to a manufacturing partner support them. It could be that they need associated components in order to produce a complete product, or in the case of cast components it might be that they require finish machining before being sent. In terms of providers that we work with, we have chosen companies that assist us in enquiries that require electro-plating, heat treatments or non destructive testing. 


Bronte Precision think long term when we form relationships with both customers and providers. We always look to work with UK based companies that put pride and attention into the services they provide. If your business could benefit from outsourcing large sized cnc machining then please send through an RFQ today.