Kinds of Hydraulic Pumps

Pumps can cover a whole range of applications and industries and can be divided up into Vacuum, Water, Trash, Hydraulic and Sump pumps as categories. Here’s more information on the different kinds of pumps used in Hydraulic application.


Gear Pumps

These are the most common types of hydraulic pumps. They consist of at least two separate rotating gears with intermeshing teeth. Contrary to popular belief, pumps do not suck, but rather as the meshed teeth separate they create a vacuum which is filled by the liquid. As the gears rotate this liquid is carried around the casing to the discharge side of the pump.


Rotary Vane Pumps

Often used in high pressure applications, Rotary Vane Pumps consist of vanes, which are almost like propeller blades, set inside a cavity. As the Vanes rotate, they force the liquid through the pump and out the other side.


Screw Pump

In a similar method to a Rotary Vane Pump, a Screw Pumps employs multiple screws to move the material throughout the pump. This design is actually one of the oldest forms of Pumps and can be traced all the way back to Archimedes ’ screw Pump.


Axial Piston Pumps

Within this type of pump a number of pistons sit on top of a circular array which is ‘lob sided’ so as when a piston is at the one end it will be further out then at the other side. These pistons are placed into a Cylinder box which rotates so as material enters through an inlet port, where the piston will be most inward, it travels back around and is forced out as the piston reaches the other side of the Circular array and the piston is furthest out and is pushed back through an outlet valve at higher pressure.


Parts We Make

Although designs vary for different kinds of pumps, Bronte Precision have extensive experience in the field of hydraulic pumps. We manufacture parts to your drawing and can produce parts like Drive Shafts, Housing, Gears, Pistons, Vanes, Cylinder Box and much more. We are ISO certified and based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.