Machined Parts for the Rail Sector

Bronte Precision are looking to expand our offering to the Rail sector. Here's 4 reasons why we could be your supplier of choice. 

Large Complex Parts

Bronte Precision have sought distinguish ourselves from other machinists by focusing on large and difficult parts. Our machine shop is set up with two large CME CNC Universal Bedmills which can both accommodate components of up to 2m x 1m x 1m. We have cranes to assist us with heavier parts and this makes us an ideal supplier for parts associated with train suspension and couplers. 

Small to Medium Volumes

We do not offer high volume manufacturing. The components that Bronte Precision specialise in all require time, care and attention in order to get right. We work on components with complicated geometries,tight tolerances that require multiple process steps. In order to be competitive on pricing we usually work on production volumes of small to medium numbers. This ranges from a couple of parts to a couple of hundred, perfect for the levels needed in the rail industry.

Long Life

Bronte understands that anything manufactured for the rail industry needs to be long lasting and will often operate in high wear and high temperature environments. We are well versed in machining of ‘hard’ metals which are already used to extend part life in the Oil and Gas industries. This includes materials such as Inconel, Tungsten and Titanium. We are also well versed with various plating and metal finishing options that might be required, for example galvanising (zinc) and work closely with trusted providers.


Bronte Precision already act as a tier one supplier to a number of OEMs and Rolling Stock manufacturers. Due to the versatile nature of our business we are able to quickly and efficiently produce parts to your specifications. We have stock holding agreements with a number of our clients and work closely with third parties such as foundries and castings companies to ensure a quicker lead time when ordering. We are able to produce a wide range of components for a variety of Rail Vehicles working to your drawings.

Bronte Precision are ISO certified and based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Contact us today to see how we can support your business.