Nuclear Industry Trends

Bronte Precision are looking to expand our reach in the Nuclear sector and so sent Oliver Gwynne down to Decom’s Supply Chain event to learn more about the trends and drives within the industry.

New Faces Wanted

Nuclear as a sector is niche in its needs and outlook. As you might imagine any component used in the industry needs to meet the highest possible standards and there is rigorous paperwork and processes associated with anything used in this exacting industry. This has meant historically that Nuclear has been exclusive to a small group of companies, many of which are based locally around Nuclear sites, but this does not mean that new faces aren’t wanted. “Many companies are well established in this sector, and now the industry is looking for new face and new voices to come forth.” Says Oliver

More SMEs Wanted

In particular the industry is looking to include more SMEs within its supply chain and has a government target to do so. “I think in actuality a lot of SMEs are involved in the supply chain, just lower down where they become less visible to the end user. We have been machining parts on a semi-regular basis whose end application is within Sellafield. I didn’t expect speaking to them at the event we would be a name they would recognise, but interestingly even some our customers were new names. I think if you are able to fully map out the procurement route within Nuclear you’ll see hundreds of SMEs all involved, and in actuality I would think a large cost saving could be made if you could make it more accessible for them to win work as surely toppers are being added upwards throughout the supply chain.”

Collaboration is Key

One common theme throughout the day was that of collaboration “Literally every company there whether they were a tier one supplier or an SME was looking at ways to partner and collaborate with people which is fantastic.” Says Oliver “I see that as a key way in which SMEs like Bronte who are already carrying out Nuclear work can move up the chain. I will be actively looking for the right partners for future tenders”

New Technology Adaptation

“The other big word on people’s lips was Innovation. Obviously Nuclear Power will always be a controversial topic but there seems to be a real drive to find new, better and safer ways to carry out nuclear work throughout the lifecycle of a project and to have as little impact on the environment as possible.”  

Bronte Precision are CNC machinist with a focus on high precision components that are looking to work with and serve nuclear companies whether that be in the mining, production or decommissioning phase of their project. We often work collaboratively with Fabricators, Welders and other associated businesses to produce complete systems and machines.

bronte precision nuclear event

(Oliver seen here in the bottom right)