Overcrowding On The Rail Network

The rail network has never been busier, with an estimated 1.69 billion passenger journeys last year. Each year we seem to go through the same old cycle, prices go up in January to ‘improve the service’ followed by a chorus of complaints from commuters about poor service and overcrowding. So what could be done to improve the service? As someone who used to commute by train everyday, Marketing Manager Oliver gives his opinion.

Removing First Class

“This seems like one of the simplest and most obvious steps that could improve service. I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever seen a first class carriage full, and this is vital space that could be used for passengers. This surely is an easy win and I can’t imagine there would be much impact on the bottom line.”

Removing The Excuses

“One of the main points of frustration for many commuters are the vague excuses which are often given out for train delays. From leaves on the line to the ‘wrong kind’ of snow, these announcements in no way make commuters feel better about their late train and often offer poor excuses. I think it would be better to scrap them altogether.”

More Carriages

“My number one source of frustration was when a train that should have had 8 carriages shows up with four and you spend the journey standing in the vein of tuna in a can. We clearly are not manufacturing enough rolling stock so that adequate replacements can be put on, and this is one of the underlying reasons behind delays, cancellations and unpleasant journeys.”


“I would say overall the service on most trains is pretty good, but when you do have delays or have to stand for a long time, frustration quickly sets in. The main issue I see is a lack of carriages. We need to see a rise in output from the UK’s rolling stock manufacturers to keep up with demand. Stop expecting the passenger to pay ever more without making visible improvements to the service.”

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