Proof of Concept for New Components

Bronte Precision are well placed to work alongside product designers and consultants providing a full end to end ‘Proof of Concept’ for new components.

What Is ‘Proof Of Concept’?

During the design and development of any new product/component there comes a stage after prototyping but before full manufacture where companies may wish to test out several similar but different designs. There are many different factors and elements to any design which may need to be tested including; the design itself, the materials used, the metal finishing process and more.

As a sub-contract manufacturer, we are competitive in small batches and one offs, and have extensive experience in machining nearly any metal and even engineering plastics. Not only this but working closely with our selected partners we are able to offer metal finishing and non-destructive testing as well. This enables us to provide a single point of contact for manufacture and testing. Common tests include flaw detection, salt spray corrosion resistance and fatigue testing.

What sort of components?

Generally speaking the components we work on will be used in industrial applications and will largely be mechanical in nature. We are able to produce a very wide range of components, working to your drawing and up to 2m x 1m x 1m in size. Some common categories of components we make would include shafts, gears, pumps and valves, but we are not limited to what we can produce.

Ready for Manufacture

Once your design and processes have been approved, Bronte can continue to support you with the full manufacture of your product. We aim to be cost effective in small to medium sized volumes and having worked on your component during development can guide you as to the best and most effective ways to mass produce it. We are already a partner to many Original Equipment Manufacturers in the UK and are experienced in providing a fully outsourced service including the sourcing of material, CNC machining and Additional Process.

If you are a Product Designer looking for a reliable partner in the field of manufacturing then Bronte Precision are ISO certified and serve the whole UK.