Reverse Engineering Train Components

Train Vehicles represent a significant investment and often have a long lifespan of over 30 years. In order to keep vehicles operational they may need to undergo refurbishment and maintenance, and in some cases may need replacement components.

Often these parts may no longer be held in stock, or the original manufacturer no longer produces that part. In these circumstances, Bronte Precision are well placed to reverse engineer an original part and machine it as new.

We work closely with both Material Suppliers and Metal Casters enabling us to quickly and cost effective create a new part for your vehicle. We separate ourselves out from other machinists by focusing on high precision components in small to medium volumes. This makes us the ideal supplier for legacy components in the rail sector and we already supplier a number of Europe’s leading Rolling Stock Manufacturers. We are well versed in working with a wide variety of materials and components in the rail sector.

This includes parts such as: Suspension Bushes, Spacer Plates, Axle Rods, End Beams, Oscillating Pins Pad Holders, Plinths, Manifolds, Hydraulic Cylinders, Compressor Components, Suspension Risers, Gears, Wheel hubs, Suspension Risers and much more.

Bronte Precision are ISO certified and can oversee the complete process of creating obsolete parts.