Safety Critical Components

The work of engineering is often unseen and unnoticed and yet it is a vital part of our everyday life. From turning on the lights, to getting us home, the work of engineering is all around us. Although it may be unseen, Bronte Precision understand the value of the work that we do and the greater impact it can have and that’s why we are proud to work on a number of critical components.

These components are all used in Safety Critical Scenarios and quite often a fault in them might result in the loss of life. These are components such as Brake Discs for Train Vehicles, Bridge Bearings as well as a wide number of parts used in large scale civil engineering projects.

When it comes to components that will be used in conjunction with the public you simply cannot cut corners. Bronte Precision have sought to separate ourselves out from other machinists who take on any job, by focusing on large components that are complicated in nature. Quite often these parts will require multiple process steps, tight tolerances and have complex geometry.

We have set our machine shop up to handle exactly this type of work and aim to deliver cost effective manufacture in a fast lead time, but one that allows us to put the care and attention into the part so as to ensure it meets standards.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of machined components, Bronte Precision are ISO certified and work across a variety of industries, components and materials.