Sectors Bronte Work in

As a sub-contract machinist Bronte are able to support a number of different industries through the production of machined parts. See how we can help your sector.

Oil & Gas: This year Bronte are seeing more quotes coming through from the Oil and Gas Sector which we hope indicates positive signs for an industry that has been hard hit for years through low oil prices. Bronte can support both offshore and subsea businesses with components such as: Manifold Blocks, Valve Components, Gaskets, Oil Pumps, Turbines, Specialist Flanges and more.

Crane and Winch: Last year we saw a spike in demand from this sector after we upgraded our machines allowing us to work on larger and heavier parts than before. Crane Wheels were particularly popular but we can also manufacture Crane Bushes, Mount Blocks, Bearing Housing, Retaining Planes and more.

Locomotive: Bronte Precision are looking to expand in this area but already work for a number of OEMs. We specialise in parts for rolling stock itself and are able to produce a range of components including: Suspension bushes, spacer plates, bogie parts, axles,end beams, pad holders, hydraulic cylinders , compressor components, suspension risers and more!

Automotive: Bronte primarily manufacture transmission parts including pinions, drive shafts, yokes as well as a variety of gears. We also have experience working on bespoke parts for vintage and classic cars where the original manufacturer may no longer exist.

Equipment Manufacturers: Equipment manufacturers often need complicated bespoke components that will be long lasting. This really suits the sort of work that Bronte do. We tend to manufacture bespoke parts but have experience with extruder heads, pneumatic pistons, rollers and mechanical seals.

Hydraulics: We work with industrial pump and hydraulics companies. Typically these will be large pump systems that generate a large amount of power. We can manufacture parts like Hydraulic shafts, Pump Bodies, Piping, Housing and Mounting. We also have experience with assembling parts such as oil pumps.

Gear Manufacture: One area that feeds into many of our others is our ability to produce gears. We can produce both external and internal spur and helical gears, Splined shafts and can produce a gear grinding service. We have been getting a number of enquiries for worm wheels and bevel gears which unfortunately we cannot manufacture.

No matter what sector you’re in Bronte Precision can help you through sub-contract manufacture of machined parts. We are fully ISO certified and based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.