Slurry Pump Components

A Slurry Pump is a type of centrifugal pump that increases the pressure of solid/liquid mixtures through a rotating impeller. They are commonly used in the mining industry for the transportation of materials including Gold, Silver Iron Ore, Tin Steel and many others.

Due to their high wearing and heavy duty applications, Slurry Components are made from ‘hard’ materials that may be difficult for some machinists to cut. Although designs vary, common Slurry Pump components consist of:


A crucial element in any Pump. The impeller is a rotating component, powered by a driving mechanism which transfers energy from the motor that drives the pump to the material In centrifugal designs, it accelerates the material outwards from the centre. They are most often produced through a casting process although Impellers are actually manufactured in a range of materials including Irons, Steels, Bronzes but also Plastic. The most common material used are High Chrome Alloys. An impeller will normally have up to 5 vanes which move the material around the pump.


The other key component for any Slurry Pump is the Casing itself. The function of the casing is not just encapsulation, but rather to pick up the flow coming from the entire circumference of the impeller and convert it into a desirable flow pattern, towards the outlet. The casing also serves to reduce the flow velocity and convert this kinetic energy into pressure. Its most often produced from a single casting and can take a number of forms, most often volute and concentric.


The Impeller is supported on a Shaft which in turn is carried on anti-friction bearings. Shafts used in Slurry Pumps need to be of particularly robust design and will most often be accompanied by a Sleeve made out of hardened or heavy duty corrosion resistant materials. The shaft itself will have a large

Shaft Seals

There are a number of different kinds of Shaft Seals, all of which serve the same function of plugging the hole in the casing where the shaft passes through and so preventing leaks. Three of the more commonly used seals are; Mechanical Seals which are used for applications where no extra substance is allowed to mix with the material being pumped. Gland Seals pump clean water in around the Shaft, protecting it from the slurry. Expeller Seals generate a reverse centrifugal force which in turn protects the Shaft.

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