Steel Scandal Highlights Suppliers

Major Scandal broke last week as Kobe Steel, Japan’s third largest steelmaker admitted to selling substandard materials to more than 500 customers globally.

After a period of investigation it was found that Kobe’s employees systematically failed to carry out required product checks, with accusations being that they both lied and covered up sub-standard and potentially dangerous materials. Steel wire, Copper and Aluminium supplied by the company was found to be sub-standard and companies affected include Boeing, Ford, Toyota, Honda, and General Motors.

The worrying aspect of this scandal is the fact that many of these materials will have been used in high-stake applications with serious safety applications in industries which include Trains, Planes and Nuclear. Fraudulent practice was found to have taken place for more than ten years so it’s very probable that this material will be in use today.

This scandal highlights the importance of vigilance in your supply chain and the possible repercussions of trusting the wrong business. As part of our ability to supply complete components, Bronte Precision offer full procurement of material for our customers. We always try to use local, trusted suppliers most of whom we have long working relationships with. We conduct regular surveys to ensure that all of our suppliers have up to date and relevant certification and when requested can provide full traceability of materials. In order to verify the quality of material supplied, we do also have partners who can offer complete non destructive testing where requested. 

Although price is always a key factor when we procure materials or associated services, this should never come at the expense of quality and Bronte do not work with companies willing to cut corners in order to save a little money.

No matter where we sit in your supply chain we understand the value of having the right components, to the right specification, delivered on time, and good quality material is a key component of this. To see how we can support your businesses with the complete supply of large and complex machined parts, get in touch today.