Who do we work with?

Our mission here at Bronte Precision is not just to be a useful outsource, we want to be your manufacturing partner. That means developing a long term relationship with you and members of your team.

Purchasing Managers and Procurement

Often our main point of contact with any of our customer will be the Purchasing Department. Our relationship will most often start with the signing of a non-disclosure agreement and usually a few initial RFQs so you can see the sorts of areas we can assist you and the kinds of components where we offer the most competitive pricing. We see this as a two way relationship, we understand the importance of price and turnaround and will always follow on our quotations and make suggestions on how we can best work together. Would we be more competitive on larger volumes? Would it be quicker for us to buy the material? We aim to build up a long working relationship, and being a relatively small company it’s likely you’ll only ever speak to a few members of our team throughout. (Most likely Oliver, Steve or David)

Technical and Engineering Staff

At the core of our business is our mission to produce components to your drawings and specifications on time. In order to do this we may sometimes need the support of your engineering team, this might be a query on a drawing or better understanding of the end application. Although we work from your drawings, it is not uncommon that are experienced engineering team will offer advice and suggestions and Bronte have helped on numerous development projects throughout the years.


We understand the importance of delivering on time and providing clear communication. Nothing is more frustrating than having to chase an order and not getting hold of anyone. We have made it our mission to be much more proactive where an order might be unexpectedly late and will try and give you as much notice as possible. Most often delays maybe out of our control, for example a broken machine or a missing operator and we will try and find a way to get your parts to you as quickly as possible.


Bronte Precision are already ISO 9001 certified and quality assurance is at the heart of what we do. Our written procedures are certified to BS EN ISO9001 and we have a fully documented Quality Management System with full buy in from management. We have sought to go above and beyond to align our Quality Standards with broader issues. We are regularly audited by our customers (and thus far have passed with flying colours) and will aim to ensure all the information you will need is made available.

Most of our relationships with customers go back years and although faces change, we always aim to be on the front foot as a forward thinking supplier. If you are looking for a reliable, CNC machinist with a wealth of experience across multiple industries then look no further!