Complete Engineering Services

We Make Life Easier.

Bronte Precision are able to supply complete components by overseeing the sourcing, machining and finishing. This makes the production of your part quicker, simpler and gives us greater oversight on quality.




Bronte Precision can source all of the materials needed for your component. We have long standing relationships with our suppliers enabling us to source materials cheaper and faster than you might be able to yourself. We can provide full traceability and certificates of conformity where required.




Bronte specialise in the CNC Machining of components which are large in size and complex in nature. These are components with intricate geometries where tight tolerances and multiple process steps. We have a number of Multi-Axis CNC Milling and Turning machines enabling us to take on a wide spectrum of components across different industries.




After we have manufactured your component, additional finishing processes may be required. This could be Heat Treatment, Electro-Plating, Conversion Coating or Painting. We work with a very select group of local suppliers, who are all regularly quality audited enabling us to professional finish the products we manufacture.


Assembly or Sub-Assembly


In a number of cases alongside the full production of individual components, Bronte Precision will also mechanically assemble it into a larger system. In the past we have provided sub-assembly for full Transmissions, Gearboxes, Extruder Heads and Link Assemblies. This can save a company significant time and resource.




Bronte’s Quality Assurance Department is fully equipped with all appropriate calibrated gauging and measuring equipment. We have a CMM directly linked to our CADCAM system which enables us to quickly inspect and produce reports along with full material traceability. All Inspection equipment is externally calibrated by independent specialists. As part of our Quality Control Procedures we inspect all projects throughout their life cycle from the material coming in, to the first off being run, to the final component.




With your component fully assembled, Bronte will then arrange dedicated delivery. We have worked with businesses across the UK and Europe understand the importance of getting your parts to you on time.