Complete Engineering Services

Bronte make your life easier by offering full end to end manufacture.


Bronte Precision can source all of the materials needed for your component. We have long standing relationships with our suppliers enabling us to source materials cheaper and faster than you might be able to yourself. By offering all of our services under one roof, our customers tell us we are more competitive than using several local suppliers.


Bronte specialise in the manufacturing of niche components. This means we have the skills and expertise to produce most anything you can throw our way. We offer a range of complimentary machining services all under one roof, meaning we can create your component from scratch.


After we have manufactured your component, Bronte can also oversee finishing processes such as heat treatments, special surface coating and more. Our aim is to make your production quicker and easier.


With all of your parts professionally manufactured, Bronte can then take the next step and mechanically assemble your project. Bronte have done sub-assemblies for parts like transmissions, gearboxes and extruder heads in the past.


Bronte’s Quality Assurance Department is fully equipped with all appropriate calibrated gauging and measuring equipment. We have a CMM directly linked to our CADCAM system which enables us to quickly inspect and produce reports along with full material traceability. All Inspection equipment is externally calibrated by independent specialists. 


With your component fully assembled, Bronte will then arrange dedicated delivery. We have worked with businesses across the UK and Europe understand the importance of getting your parts to you on time.