Replacement Parts

Reverse Engineering & Replacement Parts

As experts in creating niche and specialist components, Bronte Precision are perfectly placed to create replacement parts through reverse engineering. Where a manufacturer may not exist, or you have some older machines you want to squeeze a little more out of, Bronte Precision can help with the creation replacement components from scratch.

With extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities and the experience and mechanical engineering capabilities of the team at Bronte we can supply customers with a niche parts in small to medium volumes.

Typical customer requirements which we can supply solutions for include:

Typical customer requirements which we can supply solutions for include:

  • Parts for old or obsolete machines where the original manufacturer no longer replacement parts exists or will not supply reply replacement parts
  • Parts for machines when  the lead time from the original manufacturer is too long
  • Parts for machines when the cost of replacement parts from the original manufacturer is too high
  • Repair of Damaged Parts

We have supplied parts for a wide range of applications including Food Processing Machinery, Hydraulic Equipment, Pumps & Valves, Commercial Vehicles and Cars & Bikes

We have experience of working with a wide range of customer ‘specifications’ – It can range from a complete engineering drawing to a bag of broken bits!

To provide a suitable replacement part Bronte will happily project manage the complete process. This can include; producing new drawings, specifying and sourcing materials, specifying and managing of specialist processes, component manufacture and the management of all specialist processes.

Bronte precision reverse engineering components