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Bronte Precision work alongside a wide range of different industries in the production of niche components. We specialise in small to medium runs of those difficult, time consuming components that are out of your capacity. As a niche Manufacturer we can deal with a wide range of requirements and quickly take you from drawing to delivery. Sectors we support include:


Castings: Bronte Precision can machine large sized castings with tight tolerances as well as creating original patterns.

Pumps: Large Sized Pump Components are the cornerstone of our business and we reguarly machine pump bodies, shafts, seals, impellors and more

Rail: Bronte make parts for both new and old rolling stock vehicles including suspension and bogie components, brake components and even monoblock wheela

Oil & Gas: Bronte make a wide variety of components for the oil and gas industry including pipe fittings and flanges, pump and valve components and more.

Nuclear: Bronte have experience machining large sized stainless steel components for the nuclear industry which includes work on fabrications

Mining: In the mining sector we make everything from excavator components, to drilling components and material handling equipment. 

Chemical Processing: In this sector we make bespoke parts for production including pipe fittings, valves, seperation equipment and more