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Bronte Precision work alongside a wide range of different industries in the production of niche components.

We specialise in small to medium runs of those difficult, time consuming components that are out of your capacity.

As a niche Manufacturer we can deal with a wide range of requirements and quickly take you from drawing to delivery. Sectors we support include:

Gears- Internal Spur, External Spur, Internal Helical, External Helical, Double Helical, Splined Shaft, Gear Grinding, Gear Cutting more

Automotive - Drive Shafts, Pinions, Gears, Yokes, Planet Gear Assemblies, Splined Shafts & Custom Parts more

Hydraulic & Pneumatics- Hydraulic Shafts, Pneumatic Pistons, Manifolds, Cylinders, Flanges & Custom Parts 

Train- Brake Pads,  Rods, Cast Parts, Pins, Bushes, Axle rods, Suspension Pots, Pivot Centres & Custom Parts more

Crane, Hoist & Winch- Crane Wheels, Bushes, Pinions, Shafts, Ring Gears, Plates & Custom Parts  more

Food Processing Equipment- Extruder Heads, Pneumatic Pistons, Legacy Equipment, Custom Parts more

Architectural Firms - Bespoke Staircases, Balance Beams, Fences, Elevator Components, Gates & Custom Parts