Oil & Gas

More Extraction, Lower Cost

Bronte Precision have been supporting Oil and Gas for many years through the sub-contract machining of niche components. We manufacture complicated, time consuming parts where outsourcing simply makes more sense. We can machine a wide range of parts including; Hydraulic Cylinders, Valve Components, Gaskets, Pumps, Housing, Turbines, Specialist Flanges, and much more.

We are most competitive on small to medium production runs, but an enquiry costs nothing!

Full Machining: CNC Milling: 2000mm x 1000mm x 1000mm with 800mm rotary table, CNC Turning: 805mm Dia x 300mm Long

Finishing Treatments: We understand that your components need to withstand the harshest of environments. Bronte Precision have close working relationships with local suppliers enabling us to apply finishing treatments to our components quickly and cost effectively. These can include processes such as; Electroless Nickel, Xylan Coating, Hard Anodising, Heat Treatments and more

Mechanical Assembly: Not only can Bronte Precision manufacture your parts to a high standard, we can also mechanically assemble components like Oil Pumps and Valves. Keeping your production under one roof ensures faster production and gives you greater oversight on quality control.

Quality Control: Bronte Precision pride ourselves on the care and attention we put into every part. We are fully IS09001:2008 approved and have a dedicated Quality Assurance Department which is fully equipped with calibrated gauging and measuring equipment.

Bronte Precision oil and gas components