Oil & Gas

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Bronte Precision understand the exacting requirements of the Oil and Gas Industries and have produced a wide number of components for Offshore, Subsea and Downhole applications. Not only do we have a wealth of experience in the machining of cast components and exotic materials such as Inconel, we are also able to provide a fully outsourced manufacturing service which includes sourcing, machining and finishing your component.


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Valve Components: We are able to produce a wide range of components for Valves used in the Oil and Gas Industries.


Pump Components: Industrial Pump components represent the cornerstone of our business, working from castings bronte produce a number of large sized Pump Housing and Hydraulic Shafts.


Gaskets and Flanges: We produce a wide range of metal gaskets and flanges for both Valve and piping applications.


Housing Components: We produce Thrust Bearings, Bearing Frames, Bearing Covers as well as Large Diameter Seals out of hard and exptic materials such as Inconel.


Subsea Connectors: Bronte can produce components for Large Bore Connectors including male and female hubs, metal seals, pipe end manifolds and casings.


Impellers: Customers tell us they are particuarly cautious when it comes to the sub-contract machining of Impellers. Bronte Precision work from castings to produce impellers to tight tolerances and have a long history of delivering these types of projects for customers.


Manifolds: A perfect indication of the sort of high precision, intricate machining work Bronte can carry out, we can manufacture single piece laminar and drilled metal blocks, modular manifolds, manifold assemblies and end plates.


Compressors: A wide range of components for Oil Compressors including: Pistons, Piston Rod Packing, Guide Rings, Discharge Nozzels, Housings and more


Send across your RFQ today for a no obligation quote and see if Bronte Precision could be your manufacturing partner of choice. og@bpel.co.uk