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Bronte Precision work on a wider range of components for Rolling Stock Vehicles both old and new. We have a wealth of experience in working with cast materials and can provide machining for large sized components in small to medium volumes. We are able to provide a fully outsourced manufacturing service which includes the reverse engineering of components for obsolete models.


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Bogie Components: Bronte are able to provide another of components associated with Bogies including Side Beams, Cross Beams, Centre Pivots, Spring Planks and for smaller vehicles where Bogies come as 4 cast parts we can provide finish machining.


Suspension Components: Bronte are able to produce a range of suspension components for rolling stock vehicles.As a sub-contract manufacturer we are not tied into any particular brand or manufacturer and produce components to your specifications. Suspension Components include Bushes, Plates, Plinths, Compressor Components, Pins and Rods


Friction Components: We have worked on a number of high profile projects producing brake components including Brake shoes, Brake Hangers, Brake Arms, Brake Discs, Brake Plates and Brake Rigging.


Coupler Components: Modern Train Couplers are often more complex in design then their predecessors, Bronte have worked on a number of new couplers and produced parts including Mounting Brackets, Pivot Pins, Alignment Bars and Hubs.


Pins and Rods: Bronte can produce a wide range of bespoke rods and pins to your specifications including Oscillating Pins, Axle Rods,Blade Rodes, Scotch Yokes and more.


Link Assemblies: We are able to machine, zinc plate and provide full mechanical assemblies on a variety of links for rolling stock vehicles.


Lifting Jacks: Bronte Precision have worked on a number of lifting jacks including Input Shafts, Seals, Bearing Caps, Thurst Bearings, Lifting Screws, Gears Load Pads and Housings.


Switch Stand Castings: Traditional Switch Stands still play an important part of journeys everyday. Most often these will be produced in cast bronze and we have experienceof manufacturing Switch Stands and Signalling Parts.


Send across your RFQ today for a no obligation quote and see if Bronte Precision could be your manufacturing partner of choice.