What We Work With

As a sub-contract manufacturer, Bronte Precision work with a very wide range of materials and grades to produce components to customer drawings. We can source and procure on behalf of our customers or work from free issued materials.

Machining from Solid

Quite often we will machine a part from solid materials. This can be anything from engineering plastics like Nylon, through to Mild and Stainless Steels up to ‘super alloys’ such as Monel. As a sub-contract machinist we have a great deal of variety  on any given day and so our team are experienced with working with a wide range of materials and understanding what speeds, feeds and cutters to use in order to get the best results from our CNC machinery.

Machining from Castings

A number of customers have come to Bronte over the years after trusting a jobbing machine shop with their large castings and being let down. We have found that this is a niche that few other machinist can offer. One element that often throws the uninitiated is that there is often a variety in sizes with castings of the same component and so close attention to detail is crucial. Bronte Precision work in a range of cast materials including Cast Irons, Cast Steels, Cast Bronze, Cast Inconel and Cast Aluminium. We have machined intricate castings for the oil and gas and automotive industry.

Machining Fabrications

We have often worked alongside partners to deliver assemblies that comprise of both fabricated and machined elements. This could range from pipe and pipe fittings where we may modify the end of a pipe so as to fit on a flange we have machined. It could also be that a fabrication requires a tighter tolerance element such as a bored hole or a mating surface that can’t be achieved by hand. Bronte have machined many fabricated components whose end application is within the Nuclear and Oil and Gas and where strict tolerances must be met.

Bronte Precision work on a wide range of components across different industries. We have a niche in large sized components (up to 2.5m x 1.5m x 1.2m) and complex components where multiple process steps are required or the part has a complex geometry. We are fully ISO 901:2015 certified and deliver across the UK.