4th Axis CNC Milling of Large Subsea Frame

In this weeks blog we’ll take a look at a large bespoke frame for a subsea application. It’s been CNC machined on our CME which has the largest size capacity of all our milling machines. 

CME FS3 Machining Center

We have 12 CNC machines on site and have invested heavily in 4th axis computer controlled milling machines which enable us to work on parts with intricate geometries and tight tolerances. The standard equipment of the FS Series includes an automatic milling head that enables a great number of machining angles thanks to its 1° back turn and 2,5° front turn. This allows for the machining of more than 5 sides without having to move the part. The power and R.P.M. also enables work in first rough milling operations and in part finish operations. The CME’s maximum capacity is 2500mm x 1500mm x 1200mm with 4th Axis technology meaning we can offer large scale milling on even the most complex of components.

Bespoke Large Subsea Frame

The bespoke subsea frame comprises of 3 interlocking frames. Pictured below is the Loading Frame which has been milled on 5 sides. We work on components that have intricate geometries, tight tolerances and that involve multiple process steps. We also specialise in low to medium volume machining and have invested in processes and machinery to offer cost effective solutions for our customers. Our capabilities meant that we were ideally positioned to help with this requirement.

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Bronte Precision provide CNC milling across a wide range of sectors, materials and components and are proud to be ISO certified with our own in house inspection facilities. You can view our full list of CNC Machining Centers here.

We are capable of providing a complete manufacturing service where we would manage the sourcing and procurement of materials, the manufacture of components and the application of any specialist finishing processes on behalf of our customers. The ability to provide such a solution means that we can supply a service tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

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