We Keep Pumps Flowing.

Industrial and Large Sized Pump applications are the cornerstone of Bronte’s Business. We have produced components for a variety of industries including Water, Petrochemical, Oil and Heating. Working from your drawing we can produce components in materials including Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Nylon, Inconel and much more.
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Shafts: Bronte has a speciality in large-sized shafts and related components to tight tolerances, often working from castings to produce a finished part we have produced many components for the Oil and Gas Sector.
Displacement Components: Bronte is able to produce a range of different displacement parts to suit your pump application including a range of Gears, Bladders, Diaphrams, Pistons, Swash Plates, Blocks, Vanes.
Turbine Components: We have a lot of experience in the machining of Cast Impellers, Impellers Vanes and Blades as well as Wear Rings and Drive Shafts.
Sealing Components: This includes components such as flanges, Couplers, Internal and External Coupler Shafts, Various Flanges, Discharge Plates, Seals and Seal Covers.
Housing Components: We are able to offer proof and finish machining of Pump Casings as well as Stuffing Boxes, Housings for Bearings, Suction Ports and Inlet and Outlet Flanges.
For a no obligation quotation, send through your drawings today: mail@bpel.co.uk