Food Processing Equipment

We Put Food On Plates.

Food Processors require Stainless Steel components with intricate geometries and tight tolerances. Bronte can support a wide range of needs, whether it’s an OEM looking to produce bespoke components or the new procurement of a part for an obsolete model. We are able to provide a full reverse engineering service to get the most life out of your old equipment.
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Part Feeders: We are able to produce bespoke part feeders to your designs including Cylindrical, Stepped and Conical Vibratory Feeders. CNC machining of Part Feeders has become much more popular where tighter tolerances need to be achieved or a finer media is being used.
Impellers/Mixers: We are able to produce a range of mixers and impellers from stainless steel and can also provide finish machining on fabricated parts. This includes Impeller Vanes, Impeller Blades, Cast Impellers, Turbine Blades, Helical Mixers as well as being able to produce Drive and Idler Shafts to rotate them.
Extruders: Not only can Bronte produce components such as Extruder Bodies, Nozzles, and Extruder Heads we have also mechanically assembled them for customers, supplying complete.
Pneumatic Components: We are able to produce a wide range of pneumatic components including parts like Cylinders, Actuators, as well as Guides, Adjusters and Shock Absorbers.
Conveyor Components: Bronte can produce material handling components for both large and small systems including Rollers, Rails, Brackets, Joints and the gears to drive them.
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