Generating More Power.

Any component within the Nuclear Industry must meet exacting standards and Bronte Precision is a trusted lower tier supplier to the industry. We have worked on a number of Nuclear projects in the past and this is an area we have been looking to actively grow, and as such have been working towards Fit 4 Nuclear status.
Our niche of large-sized components coupled with our experience of Stainless Steel positions us perfectly for the full manufacture of complicated components. We have both machined from solid material and also worked on fabricated parts and castings.
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Nuclear Reactors: Bronte have worked alongside metal fabricators to produce a range of components whose end application is associated with Nuclear Reactors, this includes parts such as Nuclear Shells, Head Flanges, Plate Supports, Nozzles, Bosses, Threaded Bar, Tubes, and much more.
Generator Components: A wide range of Shafts, Valves and Pump Components as well as Rotors, Casings, Armatures, Rings and more.
Alternator Components: Including components such as Bearings, Housings, Diode and Plate Assemblies, Rotor Assemblies, Retainers, Pulleys.
Heat Exchangers: A common component within the Nuclear Industry, Bronte Precision make a number of associated with Heat Exchangers including Filter Plates, Baffles and Mounting.
Radiation Shielding: Normally made from Tungsten Carbide we are able to provide machining for Shielding, Casings and Collimators. .
Specialist Tooling: In the past, we have produced many bespoke and large-sized Clamps, Jigs, Jaws and Fixtures for nuclear applications.
Valve Components: Valve Seats, Yokes, Plugs, Flanges, Casings, Stems, Pistons, Drive Shafts, Impellers, Pinions.
Shafts: Large sized Drive and Idler Shafts, Sleeves, Bushing, Actuator Shafts, Internal and External Coupler Shafts.
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