Custom manufactured Stainless Steel Flanged Shaft

Bronte Precision engineer bespoke shafts and step shafts for a wide range of demanding industrial applications. Our CNC Turning capabilities means we can produce large bespoke shafts and hollow bored shafts. Working from your drawing we are able to accommodate parts up to 3m in length and with a diameter of 805mm. We have 8 CNC Turning machines and are experienced in turning large sized components to tight tolerances.

Custom Shaft manufacturing

This shaft has been manufactured from Stainless Steel and features a flanged end and a patterned groove.

Stainless Steel is a great material choice for shafts as it has excellent corrosion resistance, good performance at high and low temperatures and cleans easily.

The groove wraps around the shaft and required precision engineering to fit correctly during use. The shaft connects to the system with a flange, flanges are often used to connect pipes with each other, to valves, to fittings, and to specialty items such as strainers and pressure vessels.

Complex Shafts

The shaft above features a flange and groove but there are many other critical features we can add to shafts. The shaft below is 1.1M in length and has splines at each end, ground tapers, a hexagon drive and thread. The precision engineering of shafts also requires the features to be in correct alignment. 

Industries that commonly use Shafts

Some of the industries shafts are manufactured for:

  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Processing
  • Gear Manufacturing
  • Machinery
  • Metalworking
  • Aircraft & Aerospace
  • Power Generation
  • Engines & Turbines
  • Pulp & Paper Processing
  • Food Processing


Regardless of industry, Bronte Precision can help you with your custom shaft requirements. We can manufacture 1 off or 1000s off. We can work from technical drawings, CAD files, existing components or even photographs. For broken existing components we are also able to reverse engineer components. The more information you can provide us the more accurately will be able to quote your job and for sensitive/confidential components we are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure.

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