Department of International Trade Visits Bronte Precision

Department of International Trade Visits Bronte Precision

Bronte Precision, a sub-contract engineering business in Bradford, West Yorkshire were delighted to receive Lydia Moi, International Trade Advisor for the Department of International Trade.

The Department of International is a relatively new branch of the UK government which is responsible for striking and extending trade agreements with the rest of the world. High profile campaigns such as Exporting Is Great have sought to encourage and advise smaller sized businesses to sell their goods/services abroad.

“I had never heard about the DIT but saw some posters promoting the Exporting Is Great campaign and thought it might be worth a look.” Says Oliver Gwynne, Business Development. “Although Bronte have worked on international projects in the past this has largely been reactionary rather than proactively. I wasn’t really aware on the extent of the support and information available to help a company like ourselves.”

Bronte Precision do not manufacture their own products, but rather working from technical drawings/3D models produce components to their customer’s specifications with a niche in large sized and complex components. “On paper you would not consider our type of business to be straightforward to export, so I was interested in talking to Lydia and asking her advice on what we can do to make that process, easier without investing a lot of time.”

“Although we are only taking our first steps with the DIT, the breadth of support is much larger then I think most companies will be aware of. Although it’s their job to encourage companies to export, the advice offered was very practical, helpful and specific to our organisation and what is realistic to us. I would say to other businesses that even if they are very small and don’t think exporting is for them it would be worth reaching out, you never know what opportunities you may be passing by.”