Reverse Engineering a snapped Shaft and worn Gears

An entire machine rendered inoperable due to one small broken shaft. Bronte offered a reverse engineering solution to help get the machine back up and running.

As you can see from image that the shaft has been twisted inside the machine until it has snapped in two. Each side has a gear therefore one side has continued to turn whilst the other gear has remained still causing the shaft to break under the opposing forces.

Our customer came to us with the broken shaft and worn gears. Whether it’s working from original parts, 3D drawings, photographs or rough drawings we can provide a full reverse engineering service to manufacture a new part. We also specialise in low volume requirements therefore we can facilitate one off requirements such as these.  

Businesses often require reverse engineering services when purchasing a replacement part from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is not an option. This could be because the manufacturer has closed it’s doors, it does not support the manufacture of legacy parts or you’re unable to identify who the OEM is. Sourcing obsolete parts is particularly critical in military operations but in all situations where any machine is critical to business function parts are required urgently.

Manufacturing the Shaft

The shaft was first turned down to diameter then ground to ensure a precision fit. We then created the splines to fit the accompanying gear using a hobbing machine. As both the gears were worn, we could also reverse engineer them from the existing parts. We then used our Faro Arm Edge to inspect the parts before dispatch. The Faro Arm can also be used at the start of the reverse engineering process to scan the surface of a part to create an extremely detailed CAD drawing which is then used to assist with the manufacturing process.

We’re happy we could help our customer get their machine back up and running by reverse engineering the parts. If you’d like to read more about our replacement part service click here.

Reverse Engineering – Request a Quote

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