Stainless Steel Precision Nozzle Manufacture

What is a Nozzle?

A nozzle is a component designed to control the direction or characteristics of flow. They are used to increase velocity as the fluid exits (or enters) an enclosed chamber or pipe. Nozzles are often attached to a pipe or tube and can be used to direct or modify the flow of a fluid (liquid or gas). They are frequently used to control the rate of flow, speed, direction, mass, shape, and/or the pressure of the stream that emerges from them. In a nozzle, the velocity of fluid increases at the expense of its pressure energy. You may be familiar with nozzles on garden hose pipes, beer taps and water sprinklers.

Manufacturing the Nozzle

Bronte Precision has experience manufacturing different types of nozzles for different applications. Our engineers have manufactured smaller and larger nozzles for both gas and liquid before. These nozzle parts are used in a fluid sensor and control the flow of oil meaning they needed to be manufactured to tight tolerances. 

The nozzles feature both external and internal threads of different sizes and we manufactured one batch with a BSP thread and another with an NPT thread as requested by our customer. There is also a bore through the length of the part as well as precision drilled holes in the coned outlet end as well. The parts have been CNC Turned and Milled then quality inspected before dispatch.

Sub-Contract CNC Turning and Milling

Bronte Precision provide CNC machining across a wide range of sectors, materials, and components. Working from your drawings Bronte Precision offer full CNC turning and milling of your components. We have 20 CNC machining centres on site and have invested heavily in 4th axis computer controlled milling machines which enable us to work on parts with intricate geometries and tight tolerances. We can accommodate a wide range of components size and are the most cost-effective in small to medium production volumes. Learn more about out capacities here.

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