UK based Reverse Engineering Services

What is reverse engineering?

Reverse engineering is the process of analysing and extracting design information from a part and engineering a new one. However, you often have limited knowledge about the engineering methods that went into creating the part or detailed design drawings to help. The challenge is to gain a working knowledge of the original design and determine how a part was originally made so that you can remake it. The reverse engineering process is named as such because it involves working backward through the original design process, in reverse.

Why might you require reverse engineering?

There are many reasons for performing reverse engineering in various fields. Reverse engineering has its origins in the analysis of hardware for commercial or military advantage.

Businesses often require reverse engineering services when purchasing a replacement part from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is not an option. This could be because the manufacturer has closed it’s doors, it does not support the manufacture of legacy parts or you’re unable to identify who the OEM is. Sourcing obsolete part is particularly critical in military operations.

How Bronte Precision reverse engineer parts

Working from CAD files, photographs or even rough sketches on a piece of A4, we can provide a full reverse engineering service including the production of new drawings, procurement of materials and full CNC machining. The part will be measured using our in house the lastest in smart measurement arm technology, Faro Arm Edge. The Faro Arm can scan the surface of a part to create an extremely detailed CAD drawing which is then used to assist with the manufacturing process. The measured data alone, usually represented as a point cloud, lacks topological information and design intent. Our expert precision engineers will use their experience and skills to manufacture a replacement part with the measurement data acquired.

Replacement Parts by Bronte

Bronte Precision have reverse engineered parts for classic cars, critical applications and more. Here are some examples of over reverse engineered parts.

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